Pre-Kindergarten & Special Education in the Philippines

In TCW, we believe that parents are the child's first teachers and as such, we look forward to working closely with the family to create a safe nurturing environment where children can thrive and make the transition from home to the wider social and academic setting..

Success stories

TCW is proud of it’s exceptional track record of outstanding graduates, many of whom have excelled in prestigious schools, and moved on to assume productive roles in the private as well as public sector of our society...

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About Us


teacher_evelynIn 1982, Ms. Evelyn Tan realized her dream of starting a school, committed to providing quality academic innovation and integration with a strong family focus. Importance was given to providing a positive first time learning experience within a loving but disciplined environment which will establish a positive foundation for future school experiences.

A focused program for children and adults with special needs was also instituted with the aim of working closely with the child and family to help them integrate and cope better with the rest of the world.

Today, The Child’s World is proud of the national and international recognition awarded it’s wide array of family-focused programs. Depending on individual talents and needs, specialists work hand-in-hand with the child and family members to form a support system that not only benefits the child but also the family itself.


Our Vision

Set against a vision of affordable, quality education, our school moves forward based on the following beliefs:

√ That each child is unique;

√ That each child goes through development sequences;

√ That each child learns best through experiences;

√ That each child uses play to internalize knowlege;

√ That the family is the most important influence in the life of a child;

√ That with a good self-esteem each child can develop his/her potential to the fullest;

√ That each child acquires competence when the five aspects of personality (physical, emotional, social, creative, and cognitive selves) are developed;

At TCW, we capitalize on the many things that children already know, and help them move from focusing mainly on themselves and their needs (as is the focus of an infant and toddler), to being aware that other people have needs as well.

Through planned activities our students apply skills as well as develop new ones by learning to follow directions, playing with others, attending to stories, discovery using their senses, moving around in different environments, experiencing sounds, singing songs, hearing music, and following routines.

We work on a positive self-image for each child by encouraging exploration, fostering the development of social skills, cultivating friendships and promoting a strong sense of community.

We help the child master and express their feelings in socially acceptable ways. They learn the art of critical thinking and to make responsible choices, learning to love life and welcome new ideas;

We help the child develop as sense of dignity so that he/she can be an instrument in spreading God’s kingdom of justice, unity, love and peace.

We help to develop in the child a love for family and country.