Pre-Kindergarten & Special Education in the Philippines

In TCW, we believe that parents are the child's first teachers and as such, we look forward to working closely with the family to create a safe nurturing environment where children can thrive and make the transition from home to the wider social and academic setting..

Success stories

TCW is proud of it’s exceptional track record of outstanding graduates, many of whom have excelled in prestigious schools, and moved on to assume productive roles in the private as well as public sector of our society...

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Our Services

Supplemental Therapies Offered:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation & Psychometric Services
  • Training & Seminar for Parents, Professionals, & Caregivers
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy and other therapies
  • “PLUS QUE SUFFISANT”: A Community based Residential Program for Adults with Special Needs – 18 and above – Long & Short term
  • TUTORIALS for English, Math and Sciences for Kinder, Elementary, and Intermediate levels